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Seaside Cafe


The Seaside Cafe would make a great LEGO project for several reasons.

1. It would make a fun addition to seaside scenes made with existing projects: vacation homes, lighthouses, seaside stores, etc.

2. It creates play opportunities for all kinds of existing LEGO vehicles: boats, cars, motorhomes, city vehicles, Friends catamaran, etc.

3. Minifigs at the Seaside Cafe can order food to eat inside or up on the roof, relax at the juice bar, fish from the porch, play in the sand and water, or work at the cafe.

4. It would be fun to build. There are several cool features in the project: the roof is unusual, the spiral staircase is interesting, the kitchen partition has sea glass inserts, and there are lots of little details.

This project has 1281 pieces. I welcome any comments and suggestions and would greatly appreciate your support.

Thank you for reading, and best wishes!

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