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Country Store


Thank you to my supporters.

Well, that's it for this project and it must start it's trip to 10K all over again. So next week it will be resubmitted, so please when you see it re-support it, re-follow it, thank you.

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Street View

I know I have posted this in another project but since it includes this project I decided to post here as well.

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Now something I forgot to add to the update :)

Well I forgot to add some written details, we have three female minifigs included now.

To continue my Aussie TV inspiration, three sisters, McLeod's Daughters.

The brown haired girl is Claire, the oldest. 

First blonde is Jodi, the youngest.

Second blonde is Tess.

Many more of my Aussie builds will start including characters from the history of Australian TV shows.

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Update time as promised !

Okay, so I made some interior changes.

Does it look any better ?

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Half way through it's first year on Ideas

138 supports is over double the previous Elders store design.

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When the farmer is finished his or her business

At the country store, they go to the pub, watering hole, hotel, inn, tavern or bar for a drink and/or a hearty meal.

I will not be posting this as an Ideas project because it deals with beer, etc., in a modern setting.

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Changes have been done.

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Four month support count.

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Cool the 100 barrier cracked !

Awesome to see another one of my projects to kick the 100 supports mark, fingers crossed it can go even high by leaps and bounds.

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