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AEGIR Coast Guard VTOL


The Aegir VTOL is the world's foremost search and rescue vehicle. Its two huge engines and secondary control engines on either side make it able to hover in almost the exact same place, no matter the weather. Because of this, the Aegir has been exported to almost every country in the world by 2036. It has been estimated that it saved over 1,650 lives in its first operational year.

This model includes:

  • fully rotating main and secondary thrusters
  • detailed cockpit that fits two pilots
  • Rescue equipment in the interior
  • under cockpit grappling hook launcher (no actual grappling hook included)

The set would come with two pilots, two coast guard crew mambers and one spotter drone.

This took me a while to make and get to a good level, so please support it!

(This is my second time submitting this, so be sure you are supporting the correct one)

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