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Small European Town


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2841 Pieces | 32 x 48 Total Baseplate Size | 6 Buildings on 6 Baseplates | Endless Possible Arrangements!

Welcome to the Small European Town, which includes: Doctors Office/Apartment, Pastry Shop/Architect's Office, City-Watch Bell Tower, Bookstore, News Kiosk, Piazza Market.  

The goal of this project was to create a detailed and customizable city/town build on a 32 x 48 sized baseplate (identical to 10255 Assembly Square). The build was inspired by the amazing Modular Creator Expert line, especially 10243 Parisian Restaurant, and 10270 Bookshop. After starting the build, I was also influenced by a JANGBRiCKS video which showcased a "small city build". I wanted to create a European town scene that was highly detailed and also "small scale". Meaning it had many elements (buildings, scenes and detail touches) in the same set, allowing the set to be very customizable. This could either be a "town in a box", or part of a much larger city landscape. 

Every builder of this set can create their own version of the town, with its own distinct story. The buildings are on separate baseplates, so they can be arranged in any combination. They could be combined with the Modular Creator Expert line, the Creator 3 in 1 buildings, or with many other town and city sets or MOCs. 

The build also features 10 Minifigures: Architect, Doctor, Bookstore Owner, Pastry Shop Owner, 2 Kids, Fish-Stand Guy, Kiosk Guy, "Mr. Silver" Street Performer, and the Mysterious Monocle Man (could it be a descendent of the infamous Baron von Barron? What are his motives? To steal all of the town's pastries?) 

I hope you enjoy this build! 

For reference, here is Jang's small town build, really inspiring: 

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