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Renewable Energy

I present renewable energy,

I have made the background highly displayable, simply and elegantly showing solar, wind and hydropower on three "cards". 


Contains125 parts and shows two solar panels in front of a sunny background with lush meadow, sheep would be perfect to take care of it. 


Contains 118 pieces and shows two wind turbines against a windy implied background, in green surroundings. 


The hydroelectric power station contains 138 pieces is built against a neutral background. 

All three together make 381 pieces and a continuous background, a beautiful windy cloudless summer day. 

Why did I build it:

I have both solar and wind power in my neighbourhood and love walking there, there are always sheep grazing under the solar farm behind my house and I find the wind turbines absolutely fascinating from a technical point of view. We also have hydroelectric power in rural Bavaria in very small form, but I'm not showing it here, I'm showing a large hydroelectric power station. 

I had a lot of fun designing it and hope or think that something like this could one day become a real Lego set, a very highly displayable one. I can't stop looking at it. 

I hope you like it and have a nice sunny day. 

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