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Dragon Crewed Capsule

Hello ladies and gentlefigs! Today I bring you the SpaceX Dragon Capsule!

First launched from Cape Canaveral Florida on May 30th, 2020, the whole nation watched as the Falcon 9 rocket left the ground Carrying with it the astronauts Bob Benkham and Doug Hurley. It was the first manned launch from US sold since the last shuttle mission 9 years earlier.
And all the sudden it was as if Crippen and Young were aboard Columbia launching into space on the first Space Shuttle Mission, STS-1, back in 1981.

I tried to recreate the Dragon capsule the best I could. And I believe I got the exterior, seating arrangements, and details as precise as possible. ;)
The Dragon holds a special place in. my heart, it has gotten the US back into manned spaceflights, and paved away for our path back to the moon and onto mars.

as always, thanks for clicking and keep on bricking!

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