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The X-Plorer


Are you ready to explore the galaxy? If you are, it sounds like you need the X-PLORER! The space probe that searches through space looking for alien life. It is equipped with the latest radar tech to help with the discovering. Not too mention the brave Exonaught who has devoted his life to exploring. Do you have what it takes to join the adventure?

This set contains 300 pieces and is based upon classic science fiction spacecraft. It is detachable from the surface and comes with a minifigure who can sit in the cockpit. It is also my own idea.

The X-plorer would make a great collectors item up on a shelf or desk but it also makes a great toy with unlimited fun. It looks like a classic Sci-Fi spacecraft and I'm sure people would buy it, especially if it was Lego. Lego needs more fun Sci-Fi spacecraft and I think the X-plorer is a perfect example.

I really hope you enjoy this idea and will take the time to support it because it would be mean so much to me. Kids and adults would love this creation for sure. Please help and support this idea and join the adventure. I hope you do and thank you to all who do.

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