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The richest, the most golden, the most
brilliant, the most valuable!

It's me! Mr Gold, full Golden

I have returned to stay, I have returned to be with you and bring you the bonanza that I bathe in.

And for that reason my friend Mario has brought me back from the good old times and shelves...

Because wealth is not voted on...


This is cool okay, but why did you choose Mr Gold?

The LEGO Mr. Gold Minifigure stands as a coveted and highly sought-after collectible within the LEGO enthusiast community, captivating fans worldwide with its rarity and exclusivity. Introduced in 2013 as part of LEGO's "Series 10" Minifigure collection, Mr. Gold quickly gained legendary status due to his unique design and the challenge of finding him. With only 5,000 Mr. Gold Minifigures produced globally, scarcity became a defining feature, driving up demand and prices in the secondary market.

As a result, Mr. Gold has become a symbol of prestige among LEGO collectors, with enthusiasts tirelessly scouring store shelves and online marketplaces in hopes of adding him to their collections. The allure of Mr. Gold lies not only in his limited availability but also in the thrill of the hunt, making him a prized possession for those lucky enough to acquire him and a symbol of perseverance for those still in pursuit.

I am confident that this XXL scale version of our beloved Mr Gold is a good way to try to make LEGO a set with the minifigure included or with a free exclusive polybag with the chance of having a real Mr GOLD I think that would be a really stimulant and a more realistic way to achieve it, because you are garantee to have a big scale Mr Gold with the chance of having the real one too!

This wealthy kit consists of:

  • 806 Lego parts and 1 minifigure (Mr Gold itself)

I think Mr Gold should be restock as big and Iconic Figure, who hasn´t googled him in their life? He´s the one, the one and only, the mightiest LEGO Minifigure ever! I think this kit is a good way to incorporate famous Lego minifigs into a bigger playful set, with the addition of having Mr Gold back! What a deal!

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