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Galaxy Quest NTE-3120 NSEA-Protector


"Never give up, never surrender."- Commander Peter Taggart

This is based on the 1999 comedy movie: Galaxy Quest, where a fictional TV show of the same name is picked up and watched by an alien race, seeing their heroic conquests, the aliens build the actual ship from the show and go down to earth to pick up the TV show crew and they race off to a fancy space adventure to save an alien race!

Now is your chance to build the ship and command it from the included mini command deck! Warp through space and collect your beryllium sphere for energy as you go through space mine fields and space asteroids!

Set Includes:

  • NSEA Protector spaceship
  • mini command deck
  • mini figure crew - all 6 of them from 
    • Commander Peter Taggart 
    • Dr. Lazarus 
    • Tawny Madison 
    • Laredo 
    • Tech Sergeant Chen 
    • Laliari 
    • Roc Ingersol 

      (still have to render them out and will be posted on the updates)

Current Set Features

  • The ship is good in swooshing
  • The Captain's chair swivels

P.s. I admit, there might be some more improvements but that is to come in the updates!

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