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The Dojo

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This is my Dojo Lego Idea. It was created with Lego Digital Designer. It has about 139 parts. I created this idea mainly because I felt like there aren't enough dojo sets made by Lego. I used to have a big bond with martial arts as a little kid. I did Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do. I wanted to bring back those moments by posting a Dojo idea.


  • A trophy wall
  • 8 minifigures
  • 2 kicking pads
  • An office for the master
  • Easy-to-Remove roof

Why I Think it Could Be a good Lego Set

I believe this idea would be a good set because it comes with a good selection of minifigures, many trophies, and would be a cool add on to people's Lego collections.

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