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Vintage Display Trucks


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Product Description:

Introducing, the new Vintage Display Trucks! Build the sleek Standard Oil truck, with six pegs and all. Assemble the large Pepie's Delivery Truck with swinging doors. Display these old-fashioned trucks anywhere! Display them on a shelf, on a dresser, or even a display case. These trucks aren't just for display; they are also meant for play! Enjoy playing and displaying these old and vintage trucks today!


​Why I decided to build this project:

The inspiration of building this project all started in my local furniture store. In specific, it all started on May 11th. My parents and I decided that I needed a new bed. Not a new mattress, but a new bed frame altogether. We went to the furniture store one day to find a bed set that would be good for me. I found myself in the youth section, looking at a lovely bedroom set. Specifically, I was looking at the dresser for the set. I saw two, charming trucks sitting atop the wooden dresser. Taking pictures of them, I thought to myself, "Someday, I would like to build these guys out of Lego Bricks." On July fourth, I finished building these two trucks. Now they are here for all of you to see!


Project Information:

This project has 516 pieces altogether. The Standard Oil Truck, which is on the left in the main image, is 249 pieces. The Pepie's Delivery Truck, which is on the right in the main image, is 267 pieces. On each wheel on each truck is a decorative satellite dish piece that acts as a rim. The Standard Oil Truck doesn't do much, accept moving. On the otherhand, although the Pepie's Delivery Truck also moves, there are also swinging doors in the back.



I hope you liked viewing my project, everyone! If you have a question, or if something doesn't look right, please let me know. Have a good night, everyone! By cheesy. 7/8/2017

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