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BEETLEJUICE: The Musical is a Broadway show in New York City that opened in April 2019. It is currently closed, alongside the rest of Broadway, but there are plans to reopen at a new venue. The Broadway show is based on the Tim Burton movie of the same name.

The show surrounds the strange and unusual Lydia Deetz, who is doing her best to keep the memory of her mother alive while everyone else has moved on too fast. Her father, Charles Deetz, has recently bought a house for them to move into. Unknown to them, the house is haunted by the recently deceased Adam and Barbara Maitland. Adam and Barbara are prompted down this path by the demon Beetlejuice, who will do whatever it takes to become alive. Charles’ fiancé Delia tries to connect with Lydia by using the life lessons she has learned from her life coach, Otho. The seven main characters from the show are represented here as Minifigures.

This submission focuses on the Broadway set in the second act of the show. The main features that this concept includes are:
  • The fanged fireplace with striped edging
  • The striped couch and ottoman
  • The Sandworm with a body that wraps around the entire set. During the show, the Sandworm is shown in different colors due to the lighting and stage direction. Our Sandworm can move too!
  • Delia’s sculpture
  • Dining room table and fanged chairs
  • The spiked chandelier
  • Sidewall that contains: stained-glass window, drawer, LEGO skull, and the "Handbook for the Recently Deceased"
  • A staircase that leads up to the second floor
  • 7 Minifigures

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It's showtime!

This concept submission is a collaborative effort between @TheBrickEngineer and @HappiestDizzyArtist. Both of us give our explicit permission to use our work (as shown above) in this set concept.

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