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Among Us Dropship/ Lobby


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This is the Dropship from the popular game of Among Us. It is almost the same as the one In the game, except that their is a few differences. 1; the wings are a bit bigger then they are in the game, and 2; the inside isn’t the same as in the game.

I made this set because I really like Among Us and it would be cool to get a LEGO set of it. I believe this would make a good set because lots of people like Among Us and I’m sure like me, they would want a set too. (The Dropship is quite small, so I didn’t get to make the inside like it should be. I hope you don’t mind) This set also includes two Crewmates, Red and White. They are the only ones who were still alive after the imposter attack. 

So everybody, support this set, show it to your friends, and I will deeply appreciate it. :)


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