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Blacktron Stealth Craft


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The Blacktron Stealth Craft is a sleek, black, crescent moon-shaped spaceship and is used by the Blacktron Fleet's Central Infiltration Sector. It has room for one Special Forces Blacktron Agent and is equipped with twin laser cannons on the underside of the craft and two night-vision lights on either side of the transparent yellow bubble windscreen.

When Blacktron first took to the stars in 1987, it was lightyears ahead of the original classic space sets. Eight sets were avalible over it's lifespan of 1987-1990. Blacktron's largest set was the much-loved 6987 Message-Intercept Base (or Blacktron Star Base as it was known in the UK). It consisted of 562 pieces, and included five Blacktron astronauts. The classic Blacktron sets had a lot of charm, but due to a limited piece inventory they lacked smooth shapes. I have updated the spirit of Blacktron with modern parts to create a more sophisticated look.

I built this because I am a big fan of classic space themes. I have always wanted to make a Blacktron model.

The model measures 15.5 cm long, 17.5 cm wide, and 4 cm tall.

The overall piece count is 55.

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