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Daltanious - The Robot of the Future

Daltanious is an anime television series, belonging to the mecha genre, produced both by the Sunrise and Toei Company.
The robot’s name comes from D’Artagnan’s name. D'Artagnan is the main character of the well-known novel “The Three Musketeers” by Alexandre Dumas.

In honour of its 40th anniversary (1979 - 2019), I’m proposing my creation.
Three elements: Antares, Beralios and Gumper match each other to modify the mythical robot, which is completely articulted and transformable.
To get a more proportioned result, faithful to the original mecha, the robot is integrated with extra parts. The head is replaced by a bigger one, and Antares’ shoulders are replaced by larger shoulders.

The whole project is made of 3000 original Lego pieces, so classified:
Robot Antares  = 625 pcs
Lion Beralios = 742 pcs
Spaceship Gumper = 1127 pcs
Sword = 104 pcs
Extra parts = 402 pcs

Daltaniuos size is:
Height = 513 mm
Width = 288 mm
Depth = 190 mm

The planning phase took almost one year.
This set is dedicated to all nostalcìgic people, who really love 80’s robot and Lego.

I really thank all those people who will support and share this project of mine.

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