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Megamind: The Invisible Car

Relive you favorite Megamind scenes with the Invisible Car, a Brain-bot and 5 minifigures!
  • Set features a detailed, movie accurate Invisible Car with fins and power source*
  • Set also features movie accurate Brain-bot with eye and movable tentacles
  • Set features 5 minifigures: Megamind, Roxanne Richie, Titan (Tighten), Minion, and Metroman's skeleton
  • Comes with 2 accessories: Dehydration gun and microphone
  • Minifigures have movie accurate suits and detailing
  • Megamind has shoulder pads and a cape

Designed with LEGO digital designer (LDD)
Minifigure styling done with gimp

*Invisible car is not scaled to minifigures

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