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Modular Arcade‘N’Diner

Welcome to the Arcade'N'Diner! 

At the Arcade'N'Diner you can spend fun moments with family and friends!
On the ground floor, the Diner will welcome you with its typical 1950s atmosphere! In the Diner room, the Jukebox, a vintage car and an old restored petrol pump stand out. The floor and chairs are of the typical colours.
You can sit down and enjoy a hambugher or drink a milk shake immersed in an atmosphere of the past!
Meanwhile, children can enjoy outdoor fun on the swings, skateboarding or play arcades upstairs.
All arcade screens are illuminated because they have lighting bricks inside! So what are you waiting for, turn on the screens and get on your motorbike or drive a racing car!
And in the moments of break you can get some candies or a sweet at the vending machine!

The set consists of 3000 pieces and 7 minifigures.
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Thanks a lot to everyone! :-)

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