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Australian Creatures


When I was a child I loved animals. Although I had a lot of plastic models my main toy was LEGO. Simply because I could create almost any kind of animal I wanted. To my mind there were a lot of cool sets (like 4101, 4507, 4884, 4506, etc.) but today it is quite difficult to find some model like that. Personally, I would like to see similar sets again. There is a lot of places on our planet with not so well-known but interesting and outlandish creatures.


About model

One day I opened my boxes with bricks (after almost 3 years). I’d seen some document about koala that day so I decided to build 3 animals living in Australia –

koala bear


short-beaked echidna 

It is built with 835 pieces and I tried to make it as realistic as possible. The platypus lives in the water so I put there some blue bricks. The echidna eats termites so I built a termite nest and the koala climbs in the tree called eucalyptus which is also included. Each of them have a small pedestal with a label so you can put it on a shelf.


So, if you find this model interesting please support and follow (it takes few seconds) and feel free to share it on the internet everywhere you want!

Thanks for reading (sorry for my english, I keep learning) and hope you like this model.

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