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Kukulkan's Piramid


Dominating the ceremonial center of Chichen Itza El Castillo stands, the Great Pyramid Mayan-Toltec Kukulkan dedicated to re-hero. First monument built by the Toltec tribe of Itza after their arrival at the end of the tenth century, the pyramid was built incorporating a more ancient Mayan sacred building and elevating atop a temple, in which were found a Chaac Mool and shaped throne Jaguar, painted red and decorated with jade disks to simulate the surface stains.
Of gigantic dimensions, with a base of 55 meters on each side and a height of 30 meters, El Castillo is the celebration of the divine stone Kukulkan-Quetzalcoatl: the four stairways have the parapets adorned with long feathered snakes whose jaws are opened in square below, while the columns of the temple are rattlesnakes whose tail supporting a lintel. Kukulkan makes an appearance in the days of the equinoxes (March and September) when the shadow of the nine terraces is projected on the northwest wall, creating the image of a snake crawling down the pyramid.
The importance of astronomical calculations is repeated around the monument: the four steps that mark the pyramid each count 91 steps for a total sum of 364; if we add the only step of the temple the final bill is 365, the exact number of days in a solar cycle.
As the sun's rays, from El Castillo start many "roads" maya dirt or paved according to the importance - including the main one leading to the Sacred Cenote, the great pit dedicated to the sacrifices and offerings.

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