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Articulated Dump Truck

The Articulated Dump Truck is a model truck that has a few features which I am very excited about. The articulation or the joint and the tailgate are two of those features. The front grill comes from the original LEGO® Mining Truck which I think looks cool and therefore I've decided to put it on my dump truck . The truck has 3 axles and 6 wheels.
I've built the truck by combining only LEGO City series 3221 and 4202. Those are the Delivery truck and the Mining truck.

Here is a closer look at the articulation. It is very rigid and well held together. It allows easy cornering when you play with the truck. Here are a few pictures taken while I was building the truck too.

The tailgate does not allow whatever it is you are transporting to fall of the truck. The tailgate opens only when the truck is tipping as you can see in the image bellow.

Here is an image where the dumper is tipping and the tailgate is open.

Here is an image where the driver is visible inside the truck and you can see the exact size of the truck by comparing it to the Lego man.

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