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Mother Nature

This build, in my opinion, is a way for us humans to pay tribute to the much-unappreciated beauty of nature. It's meant to represent the diversity of Mother Nature and the various forms of her that we see around us all the time.

The set features the following ecosystems;
  • Rainforest: Contains 4 Macaws, 1 Toucan and 1 Poisonous Tree Frog. Features the tall canopy seen typically in this ecosystem and the humus-rich dark brown soil.
  • Cave: Contains 3 Bats. Features green geodes and crystals within and black crystals on the surface.
  • Grassland: Contains 1 Pony, feeding in the lush green fields amidst white blooms.
  • Desert: Contains 1 Scorpion. This was my best re-enactment of the shifting dunes of the desert. Also features a dry bush and a cactus with yellow flowers.
  • Savannah: Contains 1 Ostrich, roaming the seemingly endless stretch into the horizons.
  • Polar: Contains 3 Penguins. Features a frozen water body, pine trees and a hard-to-see snow pile.
  • Wetland: Contains 2 baby Crocodiles, crawling their way into the light through the bushes, representing the creation of new life.
  • Marine: Contains 1 Octopus, 1 Crab (Lunch for the Octopus as he hunts), 1 Sea Star, 4 Fish, 1 Clam, 1 Manta Ray and numerous varieties of coral and seaweed. (Try to figure out how I made the brain coral)

The final feature is my representation of Mother Nature in human form. Her minimalist statue in the middle is connected to all dioramas to represent her connection to the ecosystems. She is also holding in her hands, a bouquet of wildflowers and a squirrel, to represent her connection to all life living in her care.

I think this would make a great set as it gives a shoutout to the beauty probably unseen by some, and gives the opportunity to build it on your own. So support this set and make the dreams of a beautiful world a reality.

Contains 1318 pieces of 38 colours.

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