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Shrek’s Swamp


Get out of my swamp! You know what, actually come right in. This project has been in my head for quite a while but I just now finally got around to it. Shrek is a film series that is known and loved by many! His swamp is one of the most iconic settings from the movies. I decided to try my best to make a LEGO version of this ogre house! It contains around 460 pieces (I honestly lost track while building XD) including various different greens incorporated into this moc to give it more of a swamp look. The figure is the best purist solution in my opionion using Killer Moth’s headgear, Beast Boy’s Head, a Reversed Vic Hoskins torso, and standard dark tan legs. Inside the swamp house, a table and shelf can be seen. I hope you enjoy and please support if you want this in your collection! I appreciate your time

~HMD BrickCustoms

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