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Modular Farm


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Allow me to present the LEGO modular dairy and orchard farm. This set is representative of a kind of farm found in the northwestern corner of Europe, a farm combining the production of cattle dairy and apple juice (or cidre). The building style is what I’d call early modern mechanised, with tiles resembling standing red painted cladding, two stories tall buildings with sloping roofs.

The barn has a old tractor workshop (with tractor), a large fruit juicer and a silage tower for cattle feed at the ground floor, the first floor has cranes for lifting hay and silage and a variety of crates for diverse farm implements.

The dairy has, at ground floor, a combined milking parlor and feeding/resting area for the cows, a milking machine and a separate room for the milk tank. Outside there’s fencing leading the cows to pasture. The first floor is all a hay storage with a trapdoor down to the feed through at the ground floor.

The orchard has six bountiful trees, branches heavy with delicious apples (in fact the barrels for collecting are already out, harvest is about to begin), a small greenhouse and a pond.

The set comes with two minifigures, John the cattleman and Joan the applemaid.

As a modular kit, the set is among other things meant for display, but with all the different access points, with all the detachable and openable segments and relatively sturdy build it is well suited for play as well. Good in both a diorama and for playing with. The dimensions: three 16X32 ‘modular’ base plates, 25 bricks high to the spiretops, 2002 bricks.


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