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Iron Man 3 Mark 38: Igor Heavy Lifting Suit

This is a project related to my other Iron Man Figures: This armor has been requested by some people, and i decided to make it a separate project. The model includes 126 pieces and is faithfull to the movie model.

Pictures are bellow

Here you can see the build on its side. You can also see the articulated fingers. Sadly, too keep the model small and compact, so it is in scale, it cannot fit a minifigure, but we never see it being piloted, so it may just be an remote controled suit in the movie.

1- the colors are final, but the 2x2 flat tiles in the arms and legs need a white marking printing, like a "do not cross" line.

Here is the back, you can see the detail and the arm exaust ports, The arm articulation can move sideways and the body can raise a little.

Here is a more detailed view of the arm, you can see the exaust port and the articulated fingers, the arm can bend at the elbow, but i admit the arm articulation is not the greatest.

Thank you for seeing this project, if you liked it, please support and tell your friends. :)

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