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Undergroud Hideout

This is a medium sized build of a hidden underground living space underneath a desert landscape. It has all the bare necessities for a Lego person to hide out or relax. It has a comfy recliner seat to rest in, some rations to munch on, a workbench to tinker on your gadgets, and more! The desert landscape features a cow skeleton and a abandoned motorcycle, and can be easily removed to reveal more of the hideout interior.

I made it because I love post-apocalyptic settings with a light-hearted twist, and I like to think that the world this is set in is not so dark. I think lots of people are interested in this kind of theme but there is not that much available right now. It's a fairly small set so I think it could be a good starting point for new Lego fans, and it has a few interesting building techniques for older fans.

Anyway, I hope you like it! I can make more in this style if this becomes somewhat successful.
Thank you!

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