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Fifa world cup trophy

  • The trophy for the Fifa world cup is a trophy in gold rewarding the winners of the world cup Fifa.
  • Since the creation of the global tournament in 1930, two trophy were presented: the Jules Rimet trophy 1930 to 1970, kept by the Brazilian after his three victories in the competition, and the Fifa world cup, throw - in at every edition since 1974.


  • Jules Rimet trohy
    • The trophy Jules Rimet, named after the founder of the Red Star of Paris and former Fifa President is the original trophy of the Fifa world cup. First called winged victory, but more generally the world cup, it was renamed in 1946 of the president of the Fifa Jules Rimet who in 1929 decided to vote at eh origin of the competition. Representing Nike, the greek godess of victory, holding an octogonal cup, trophy created by the sculptor French Abel Lafleur is 35 centimeters high, weighs 6.175 kg and is sterling Silver plated. The Jules Rimet trophy is transported to the Uruguay for the first edition of the world cup in 1930 aboard the SS Conte Verde in Villefranche-Sur-Mer on June 21, 1930. This is the same boat took Jules Rimet and the teams French, Romanian and Belgian Uruguay for the tournament. The first team to lift the trophy is the Uruguay, winner of the world cup in 1930.


  • During world war II, the trophy is kept by the Italian world champion in 1938. Ottorino Barassi, the vice president Italian of Fifa and president of the Italian football fedration, secretly removed the trophy from a bank of Rome and cache in the shoe box under his bed to prevent the nazis outweigh.
  • On march 20, 1966, four months before the 1966 world cup in England, the trophy wass tolen during a public exhibition at Westminster Central Hall. The trophy was found by a dog seven days later wrapped in newspaper in a bush in a garden in the south of London.
  • The Brazilian won the competition for the bird time in 1970, allowing them to keep the trophy permanently, as wished Jules Rimet in 1930. Howewer, the cute is stolen again on 19 december 1983, at a exhibition at the headquarters of the Brazilian football federation to Rio de Janero. The trophy was kept in a cupboard with bulletproof glass front, but the back was forced wood with a foot presser. The cup was never found, which woold suggest that it was melted. Four men were eventually tried and convicted in absentia for this act. The brazilian ferderation order a replica, created by Eastman Kodak, containing 1.8 kg of gold. It is presented to the Brazilian president in 1984.


  • Winners:
  • Trophy Jules Rimet
  1. Uruguay 1930
  2. Italy 1934
  3. Italy 1938
  4. Uruguay 1950
  5. Germany 1954
  6. Brazil 1958
  7. Brazil 1962
  8. England 1966
  9. Brazil 1970 
  • Trophy world cup Fifa 
  1. Germany 1974
  2. Argentina 1978
  3. Italy 1982
  4. Argentina 1986
  5. Germany 1990
  6. Brazil 1994
  7. France 1998
  8. Brazil 2002
  9. Italy 2006
  10. Spain 2010
  11. Germany 2014


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