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Grand Designs Modern House


Watching the British show "Grand Designs" on Netflix, I felt more and more inspired with every episode. The show features Brits who built custom modernist styled houses, designs that would translate so easily to LEGO bricks.

My daughter and I set out to build our own modernist house, which turned out to be the biggest build I've ever made. 

The front patio features a fire pit, chairs, and a gas heater for cold nights. Just to the side of this is a one-car garage with sliding door. Around the back is an above-ground infinity lap pool sitting under a shade tree.

Inside on the first floor are two living room areas, one with a big screen TV, the other with couch, chair, and bookcase under a floating staircase. The bathroom has a stained glass window, toilet, and sink. The kitchen features a large bar with stovetop, sink, and oven.

The floating staircase takes you upstairs to a large bedroom. From there, go out onto the rooftop patio that features a garden, a built-in bbq and a jacuzzi. The second, smaller bedroom also has a small bathroom.

Building this mordernist dream house became a wonderful bonding experience for my 11yo daughter and me. She offered so many creative ideas and built most of the furniture to decorate the interior.

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