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Rabbids Go Home: The Junkyard Tower

What is it:
this set is based on my childhood favourite videogame: Rabbids Go Home. The game follows the crazy rabbids collecting garbage all around the city so they can build a tower to the moon. In this set I build the junkyard tower they made to reach the moon.
Why did I build it?:
I decided to build this because I thought rabbid minifigures would be cool for collectors. The junkyard also has all kinds of cool random parts for people to use in MOC's. I also wanted to make a set that was easily customizable.
Why do I believe this would make a great LEGO set?:
I believe this would make a great LEGO set because I think the minifigures are cute. the set consists of 400 pieces making it not an extremely expensive. When this set gets released, I hope people will not follow the instructions and try to make their own variant of the tower. It will be easily expandable and customizable because all sort of parts can be found in a junkyard. I also think play is a very strong part of this set because children can use the shopping cart to steal parts from other sets so they can expand their junkyard tower.

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