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Still Alive - Portal 2


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Hey! It's Cave Johnson. If you would like to see Portal 2 made into a set, please take the 10 seconds to support! Every one counts!

Chell and Wheatley have accidently awoken GLaDOS, and she's not happy! Attach Wheatley to the control pad and press the stalemate button to perform a core transfer! But Wheatley, in GLaDOS's body, has gone mad with power! Portal up the platform and grab the corrupt core and attach it to Wheatley. But as you go to press the button, Wheatley sets off his bomb booby-trap! Who will win?!


GLaDOS is fully articulated, able to spin around and raise or lower her abdomen. A core can be attached to her side, and her head can also be replaced with a core.

Portal Platform-----------------------------------------------------------------

The portal platform contains two portal-able walls and removable portals. The removable portals allow you to make your own test chambers to use them in. A core or PotatOS can be attached to the control pad, which can spin around. The stalemate button platform has a catapult to act as the bomb booby-trap in the game. There is also a rail at the top of the portal platform for Wheatley or the Space Sphere to slide on.


-Chell with portal gun (interchangeable blue and orange parts)


-The Space Sphere


-GLaDOS's head


Thank you for viewing! I estimate the price to be about $59.99 USD. Cave Johnson out!

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