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Save Stan Lee!

Hard at work at Marvel Headquarters, Stan Lee is attacked by Magneto, Scorpion and Absorbing Man. Daredevil, Iceman and Doctor Strange rush to save him. This is the front of the building. The windows to the right are break away. There is a fire escape ladder and door to the left. Marvel logo on above the door.

Unlike the first draft of this set, this now contains only figures created by Stan Lee himself.

Each figure comes with their trademark items:
Absorbing Man comes with the steel ball on chain he is frequently seen with
Daredevil with his baton
Doctor Strange has transparent green pieces under his feet for flight (like Iron Man figure)
Iceman comes with his ice bridge
Magneto with his metal piece to hover on
Scorpion comes with his tail

This is the inside containing workstation computers to the right and the office kitchen complete with coffee mugs and cupboard space to the left. There is also a costume display case in the middle of the room containing an Iron Man Mark 1 ( I'll take suggestions for another character) figure. On the second floor is Stan's personal office. There is a computer to the right and a bed( for critical thinking) to the left. As well as a trophy on a shelf above his bed. I also think there should be a Stan Lee mural on the wall above the front door.

Thanks to Brokebricker for the Iron Man Mark 1 suggestion!

Close up of figures

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