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Whooooosh. Some situations call on for an eye in the sky to take stock of the situation. Pterokka makes it happen. This supersonic air ship is inspired by the ancient Pterodactyl dinosaur. The name is a slight shout out to the legendary Roc. The mighty soaring dino cyborg can swoop down, and grab the goods. The support robot stuffs whatever needs stuffing into the two nacelle storage units.

Then, the super dynamo VTOL turbines on the nacelles lift the ro-bird up into the sky. When an urgent situation requires, the head section can detach and the two sections can operate simultaneously. Pterokka operates via a neural net infrared control panel mounted in from of the pilot.

Rokk on!


1 X swing wing for supersonic flight

2 X infrared Pter-eye scanners

2 X supersonic-capable jets

4 X VTOL turbines

2 X wings mounted red energy torpedos (for melting rock formations)

2 X pivoting legs for landing and stabilizing

2 X energy modules

2 X head mounted green drill lasers (for rock drilling)

2 X wing tip stabilizers

1 X cyborg pilot

1 X support robot

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