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RET536 Streetcar


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Here’s the epic classical RET536 Street Car. Visit all the hot spots in your Lego town! This cool set also includes 3 minifigures and a historical Zoo Park entrance as a realistic display.
  • Includes opening doors, working pantograph on the roof, and driver’s cabin with control panel.
  • Includes 3 LEGO® minifigures: 2 Streetcar drivers and a female passenger.
  • Build, play and display – 16 x 64 studs wide,  25 bricks high.
  • Dimensions in total measures over 9,5” (24cm) high, 20” (51,2cm) long and 5” (12,8cm) wide.
  • Designed for kids and train enthusiasts.
  • An amazing buildable, 14+ aged toy Street Car set for an awesome build-and-play experience.
  • Features the possibility for a motorized Lego Powered Up technology   with bluetooth remote control for endless hours of play.

Streetcar origin; Rotterdam Electric Tram, model 536 line 3, 2x2 axes, length 12 meter. Historical streetcar; manufactored by Allan Wagonfabriek 1931, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Lego build streetcar size: width; 9 bricks, high; 13 bricks (with a folded panthograph). Display scenery: Historical main entrance gate (1940) ‘Blijdorp Zoo’ Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The complete scenery includes 2328 parts. The billboards on the left and right of the tram refer to the zoo, a food factory (closed) and a family sewing machine shop (closed). Designing and building this historic, still running streetcar as a Lego model made a wish come true. I would like to share the building and playing experience of this model with the Lego community.

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