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Fairy Tale House


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Re-introducing the Fairy Tale House! This charming little shoe in the forest has been taken over by some little elves, who were happy to make it their home! I fell in love with this idea once I saw it come to life digitally, and think it would make an excellent LEGO set. While LEGO Ideas has introduced sets under a multitude of themes over the years, they haven't done a pure fantasy set yet. This one will appeal to all ages as it has elements of play and is an excellent display.

The set is composed of 1914 pieces and fits within a 32x32 space. The house comes apart in several places to allow access to the interior space. The top of the shoe lifts off to reveal a cozy bedroom and kitchen. The mid-section contains some storage, an indoor garden, and access to the balcony and telescope. Finally, the top level (accessed via ladder) is a small living room with a chair, table, and fireplace. There are two entrances to the shoe house, one from the ground and another via the stairs on the opposite side.

The exterior features a beautiful flowering tree, a garden, and a small pond. If you poke around, you will even see the elves' cat, named Ezri. There are flowers and knick-knacks and a blackberry bush under the stairs. I have included 4 minifigures - a male and female elf, and two travelers making their way through the enchanted forest.

If you would like to see a fantasy themed Ideas set, I would be especially grateful for your support and any effort you make to share this with your friends and family.

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