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Oakridge Asylum

Every major city should have at least one psychiatric hospital to care for its mentally ill citizens so thats what I made. Oakridge asylum has 3 fully detailed floors and each one is fully detailed. This hospital comes with everything you would need to care for a patient. It has plenty of psychotherapy conferencing rooms, a treatment area, and living quarters for the long term patients. Each floor can be easily removed to reveal the one below and you could easily add floors to make the psychiatric hospital bigger. Now I will explain what each floor has. The first floor comes with a reception area as well as a check in desk and psychotherapy conferencing rooms. The second floor has a pharmacy for any medications patients might need and other therapy rooms. On the third floor there are some beds and a kitchen area for the long term patients. The hospital's backside is also flat so you can add this creation to a city. I hope you will support this idea because I put a lot of detail into this. 

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