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Modular Bus Set




I am Frederick L. Smith, the first president of COTA or Central Ohio Transit Authority, the public transit company in Columbus, Ohio.  And like I helped Columbus get a good public transit system running, I’m going to help you get your city good public transit.


Now to get a good starter system in place, I am going to provide you with a diesel bus, four stops, and a shelter/terminal stop,  all for a reasonable price.  


This bus has a standard paint scheme of red, white, and blue.  The bus is made up of three modules, the main body, the roof, and the engine compartment section.  

  The roof is the easiest module consisting of just 4 pieces. 

  The main bus body consists of 110 pieces and seating for 8 passengers or 6 passengers and one wheelchair.  

  The engine compartment consists of 44 pieces and seating for 2 passengers.

  The total number of pieces needed for the whole bus is just 158 pieces.


  A single transit stop consists of 5 pieces, therefore, the number of pieces needed for the four of them is 20. 


  The transit shelter/terminal has one seat and one sign for it, as well as, a wheelchair ramp.  The transit shelter consists of 35 pieces total.



The total number of bricks in the set is 213 bricks. 


213 bricks for one each bus set means that they can be mass produced and sold for less than 50 dollars each.  Meaning everyone can get a bus system starter in their city in little time for relatively cheap amounts of money.


Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed the narration that i did to add to the excitement of the description!  The bus was photographed on a concrete surface, like a road, to show that these buses can go anywhere!  Also COTA is only mentioned in the description as a way to add to the description, but they will not be mentioned in the set when they are made.


This set has many interesting features that have not been seen in other regular bus sets in the past.  Let’s start with the bus you get.

The main feature in this bus is the working folding chair that folds up when there needs to be room for a wheelchair.  The seating in this bus faces the middle aisle of the bus to make it easier for passengers to sit.


Now for the main focus of the set that makes it unique.

If you get two or more of these sets, you can build another module for the bus using alternate instructions that are provided to make it into a bendy bus for bus rapid transit.  This is made possible by 2 extra pieces provided in each set that allow the bus to have a hinge point.

This allows seven more people to be able to sit on the bus, as well as having almost double the standing space.  These big buses are used on busy bus routes, as well as having a home on Bus Rapid Transit routes around the world.  This configuration adds to the playability of the set greatly by adding a whole new section, or two, or three, to the bus.  Get creative with it and enjoy!!

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