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Urban Street Art

This build is a representation of the street art that I see in my city, Chicago. I wanted to make this since most of the modular sets that I have seen have a suburban town style and I wanted to make a set that has a more urban feel to it. This set contains 2710 pieces.

The word TRUTH that is under the bridge is based on the name of a local permission artist, my older brother, and I would love for this set to become real, so I can make it be a gift for him. The rose on the side of the building is meant to represent local murals in my neighborhood that usually is a portrait or a character, but I found it too difficult to design that, so I just made a rose. The other art piece that's on the side of the wall is supposed to be a black and white mosaic of the Chicago skyline. And finally the colorful LEGO bricks on the corner are meant to represent monuments, statues, and sculptures that are found downtown. I also would like to apologize for the lacking interior in this set, I spent most of my focus on the exterior

I hope people will like this build because of its unique style that captures the feel of my urban neighborhood. And it will also make an awesome addition to anyone's LEGO city.

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