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You got me

Hello all Lego friends!

Let me present my plan into your bricks a then be happy together from how the hit works. I really like Lego.

I'm in the middle of development and so far the game has over 7500 bricks. There will be a lot more of them. This is a reduced version, the one-meter version will be more beautiful and much more safe, trust me.

It will consists of a skewed trough, a central tower and 24 mechanisms. There will be 16 spring, 4 pneumatic and 4 simple mechanisms.

Except the pneumatic ones, the other mechanisms can be converted into simple ones, perhaps there will be a lot more fun.

The game uses gravitation, luck, finesse and attentiveness of the person playing the game.

I would like to built it for real, it will perhaps be a very interesting game.

This IS the center of the Big game (You got me).

Central tower. NATOL

The tower has approximately 700 pieces.

Natol in all its beauty.

It depends on how many metres of paving you want.

Tak to je středová sopka střední hry.

Working to improve

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