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Technic Passenger Plane!


Take to the skies with the LEGO Technic Passenger plane!

The plane features around 1000 pieces of much variety, such as gears, lift arms, panels, and more! It has 6 functions:

  • Elevators (moved by a lever in the back)
  • Retracting landing gear (operated by linear actuators)
  • Landing gear suspension system
  • Airbrakes (operated by a gear)
  • Ailerons and rudder (coupled, operated by a gear)

As well, it has aerodynamic and accurate shapes and proportions all around, and lots of details built with system pieces (namely the jet engines).  The interior is also detailed, with opening front doors. The color scheme is very simple but extremely vibrant and catches the eye. The plane is also massive (70x70x25 cm) and will provide a very rewarding build process for adults and kids alike. With its variety of parts, this set could make a great parts pack as well.

Thank you for reading. I hope you support this project and help it TAKE OFF!

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