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Mazda Rx-7

What I made this time is the 1992 sports coupe Mazda rx7. The reason why I made a set was while thinking about the idea of making a set with Japan in the background.

I made it with the thought of my favorite car, Mazda rx7. I'll explain why I thought this set would be a good set in two ways.

1. The composition of the set.

This set basically consists of 2 human figures, 1 cat, 1 car, a building, and a tree. The rx7 is made into a fully tuned vehicle according to Japan, where the tuning culture has developed a lot, and the engine of the vehicle is also implemented. I made the building with reference to "Yatai" which is a Japanese food stall. The tree installed several plants centered on cherry blossoms, which are Japanese chrysanthemums.

2. Function

The function of rx7 is made to open the bonnet.

Also, we made it so that the roof of the building can be opened easily.

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