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Polar Explorer


This project is based loosely on an old Soviet designed vehicle for use in the arctic and polar areas, such as the north pole. It features a full interior with kitchen, radioroom, 5 beds for the crew, engine room and even a bathroom.

On the outside there is a wide range of equipment attached to the sides such as shovels,ice picks, axes, a chainsaw for cutting ice, and some mechanical tools for changing the spare belt-sprocket.

The driver and passenger are seated in comfortable seats, and have lots of instruments to monitor everything in the vehicle. The radio-operator also have a lot of gauges and gadgets to play with. The kitchen is equipped with coffeemugs, stove and some pans. There is a flat-screen TV and a lot of storagespace in the main living area, as well as backpacks for the crew when they are out exploring. There are also helmets with visors stored in the aircondition dome on the roof so they are protected when they enter the cold and icy landscape.

Although there are beds for 5, i found it enough to add 4 minifigures with this. I think this could be a nice supplement for the arctic-theme already found in the City-range from LEGO, and has a lot of playability for all kids that loves City. Contains around 1000 bricks, so it will be a medium to high priced model.

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