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Speed Bike


Hi Guys,
Another cool bike project
Here is a bike for speed fans, my Speed Bike
This bike is actually so incurred,
Which on the day somehow did not succeed.
And I was not really a good idea still an inspiration
to solve the problem with the top tube.
After a couple of hours I gave up unbesaitet on that day.
A few weeks later, I had once again ventured to the project
And immediately with the first stone solved the old problem.
After a few minutes then the speed bike was finished.
Well and here it is now for you.
In this project, my effort was to give the bike a cool appearance possible.
That is in both a real bikes as well as a possible Bionicle / Hero Factory Bike justice.
With this model, I would like to enrich the Lego world to enlarge.
So that the little and big kids play with it, or can simply collect it.
Du you like this Bike and Lego? So, please click on the support button.
Also commenting like the model.
Keep on building! ;-)

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