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Falcon Heavy/9 convertable


This is a Falcon Heavy model that is convertable to a Falcon 9. I designed it in about two days with my friend in no special scale. The Falcon Heavy model is not quite accurat because of the black interstage. We hope you like and support it.

The booster features:

  • Seperation of the side cores
  • retractable arms ant support structures
  • deployable gridfins and landing legs
  • block 5 design on the centre core
  • 9 Merlin 1d engines on each booster (845Kn* thrust each)
  • heatshield between engines and fueltank
  • titanium grid fins*

The second stage features:

  • 1 Merlin vacuum engine (976Kn* thrust)
  • seperation from the centre core
  • fairing attachment

On top sits a empty payload fairing (13.1m height; 5.2m wide*). You can use it on the Falcon Heavy and Falcon 9. You can make own payloads with maximum weight 63.8 tons* (maybe Starman and his midnight cherry red Tesla Roadster ? ) to explore to unknown worlds. or set the capsule on top of the rocket.

The capsule features:

  • Launch abort system*
  • solar panels on one side
  • fins on the service module
  • heatshield at the bottom

The model can also be used as a decoration like the Saturn V model for example.

*All informations with this sign are from the real Falcon 9/Heavy and are not according one to one on this model.

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