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Futuristic CityScape


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The project that I have built is inspired from the Lego "Architecture" theme. I was trying to think of a setting that would take place in the next 40-60 years, yet keep simplicity and relativity. The result was this cityscape. I created each building independently, starting from tallest to shortest. This is a overview of each section that contains around 3 buildings:

Each 1x6,8,10,12 or 16 is equivalent to around 2 floors in real life.

This set contains 3919 pieces.

Section A- Main Buildings, Offices 

A1- The tallest structure in the build. I created this first, excpecting it be the only one I build, but that wasnt the case. I based this off the Citigroup Center and Darth Vader's lightsaber. 

A2- I cloned 3 A1 buildings and created this rectangular structure.

A3- I have based this cantilevered building on the new 5 World Trade Center, and was the second structure built.

A4- A small square "last minute" add on to further enhance the A1 building's height.

A5- The most complex building in the whole set, this was the third one constructed.  I originally wanted 1 half of it, however decided to clone it as well and add on to itself. This also took me the most time.

A6- Smallest building in the whole set I created to make ground level shine and look as good as the buildings surrounding it.

A7/R- A small registeration section I built with the roof inspired by A1.

A8/SV- I tryed to show this building was heavily armored and protected, due to me believing it looked like a city vault or bank.

Section B-Entertainment 

B1- This was originally the twin to A1, however I didnt want thwo of any structure in this to improve the quality and unique effect each one had. I was inspired by a early 2000's penthouse and A1.

B2- I created the circular structure after thinking about a small addition to further show that these werent just blocky looking buildings. Simple, yet I think it adds to the overall look.

B3-This one was a challenge, as I had to fiqure out if I should do "this" or "that". I thought of this as a theatre or special attraction of sorts.

B4- Very simplistic and supple structures I added due to the emptiness. It reminds me of a bar or small attraction.

Section C-Laboratories

C1- A curvature sided building I built after taking A2 and adding curves to make this section stand out.

C2- I built this as a version 2.0 to B3, yet smaller and taller.

C3/RS- Radio station HQ added to make the ground stand out in this section.

C4-Similar to A6, but with 2-4 more stories, added for height in the inner cityscape.

Section D-Additional Offices (All created by cloning A4)

D1- The longest structure, inspired by Former 4,5 and 6 World Trade Centers. 

D2- Made by cloning 2 A4's, seperating the B and C sections.


The reason I create this is because I want others to be inspired by things we have not yet seen, such as the future. I hope that by creating this, more wish to do things similar, even if I dont get 10000 supporters. Thank you to all those who support and comment!


*DISCLAIMER* This is, as I have said, is all m original design and I have not copied anyone's project.

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