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Snooker & Pool Table

Have you ever dreamed about owning your own Snooker table, but foundered on a lack of space?
Here's your solution now! This down-sized Snooker table will not only fit into your living room, it will also allow you to still entertain guests once deployed. What's more: you can actually play with it without having to fear shattering your window panes when lunging out with the cue!

Your friends don't understand your passion about Snooker? No problem - just flip the surface and offer them a game of billiards!

All the rails and cushions are on hinges to fixate the play field which is reversible according to your needs. To turn the Snooker into a billiards play field, just fold up the rails, remove the panel and turn it over.
The pockets lead the balls to an opening at the foot of the table to retrieve them.
At the head of the table you can access a drawer where you can store your cues and equipment. The table comes with two cues, one extension and two types of rests, a cross and a spider.
Of course, there are also two pieces of chalk included.

Time to live in style - small style! ;)

Disclaimer: the playing conditions aren't optimal - but if you support my project I will advocate for a version where you can display your favorite game (Snooker or billiards) with balls fixed on studs on the one side while you have a rubber layer on the other side to emulate more realistic movement conditions like static friction. Also, we would need a set of completely round balls per game to create a really enjoyable playing opportunity. If this is possible, I will of course also design a rack for you to set up your balls. =)

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