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The Flying Carpet Ride


This is another part of my Theme Park series,

 a Flying Carpet Ride called  Aladdin

The theme for this ride is Arabic. There are sculptures representing a scorpion, a scarab, a magic lamp, and two swords.

The Theme Park has had the grand opening now, and the rides are now in operation (the Aladdin Ride is able to rotate). The Theme Park Train is now running between the different rides. There are workers keeping the park in its best condition by cutting the grass.

In the small white shop you can by a balloon with a picture of you in the Aladdin ride, they have some other stuff as well. 

* * *

I have always enjoyed the magic of theme parks and loved the different rides. Now I have combined this pleasure with my passion of LEGO construction in a project.

I have used microscale to reduce the number of bricks needed, and to have a greater challenge in the designing process. It is fun to build different rides with just a small amount of bricks.

All the sets are constructed on 16x16 base plates which you can snap together to create a large Theme Park. The base plates can easily be parted again and reshuffled to create a new park.

Up until now I have built Bumper Cars, an Octopus Ride, a Merry-Go-Round, a Viking Ship, a Dino Explorer Ride, a Tube Ride, an Observation Tower, a Flying Carpet Ride, and a Roller Coaster. Now I'm working on a free fall Ride. All the designs will be posted here on the community.

I have added a picture with nine Theme Park units put together, so you can see an example of a Theme Park. Some of the units in the picture haven't been posted here yet. They will be posted later when I am satisfied with them.

My earlier parts are found here:

Octopus ride:


Observation Tower:


Viking ship ride:

The Dino Explorer Ride:

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