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Corner Library


This is the Corner Library, a building to complete your LEGO City!

The model is inspired in standard houses of Amsterdam.

It´s around 2,500 bricks, including: 7 minifigures, 55 windows and 180 books! Size: a traditional baseplate per 35 bricks (34.5cm) tall.

The building breaks down into 4 parts - three floors and the roof.

  • The ground floor has two walls of bookcases, and a librarian's desk.
  • The second floor repeat the bookcases distribution, adding a study table.
  • The third has the same plan, substituting the study table by a seat for pastime and rest, besides a little stair to access the rooftop.
  • The roof has a dangerous stair (visible in the 11th image), six skylight windows, and a slim platform to appreciate the town.

The minifigures that I suggest is a grampy librarian, an old reader, several adults, and a nosy child.

- Unfortunately, my LEGO collection doesn't have pieces enough to build the roof with the color I wish: "New Dark Red".

I hope you like and support this LEGO model to turn it in a real set. The Corner Library can finally add knowledge and culture for your LEGO citizens with yellow wind heads!

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