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The Hardy Atlantic Puffin

The Build:
A brick built Atlantic puffin on a stony base. The build stands 30cm high and occupies a surface of 26cm x 16cm. Its beak can be opened and closed and the head can swivel, which lets the builder pose the puffin as they see fit. Additionally, some small fish can be added into its mouth too for extra detail. The base is built to replicate the stony cliffs they perch on and even includes a bit of moss.

My Connection To Puffins:
The Atlantic puffin has a special place in my heart as they are a bird often seen in the summer around my father's village. Especially while fishing, as they like to fly by the boats as we go along. The village is situated very near the Labrador/Quebec border on the Quebec side. Nestled right along the Strait of Belle Isle and overlooking the sea, it is close to a 2 day trip from where I currently live. I used to visit there every summer when I was younger, but have not been there in years. Hence, why I built this puffin to remind me of my visits there.

Fun Facts:
They are the provincial bird of Newfoundland and Labrador.
This seabird spends most of its life at sea, only returning to shore for mating season. Once they find a partner, they are mates for life. Their nests are built into the ground in the form of a burrow. They make these burrows on top of clifftops usually on small islands where they are safe from land predators. They will return to this burrow year after year. Their breeding range is distributed across the North Atlantic. Found in Greenland, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, Russia, Newfoundland and Labrador and even in my province of Nova Scotia.
Their call can sound like a growl or even like someone slowly understanding a joke and then laughing. Their preferred prey are sand eels, herring and capelin. These awesome birds make a living in the harsh conditions of the North Atlantic, which is why I named this build ''The Hardy Atlantic Puffin'' as they embody this trait perfectly.

These birds are so iconic and full of charm. An Atlantic Puffin would make for a beautiful Lego display piece for any nature lover. They are often the highlight of any birdwatching tour done around their distribution range, and a favorite bird for many!

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