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Roger the Rove & the Sunken City of Thonis


Roger has set sail once again, following the clues from the Temple of Toltec, his voyage has ended off the coast of Egypt. The Toltec map revealed the secret location of a once-rich city called Thonis, lost to the sea centuries ago. With his trusty diving bell and suit, help him explore the ruins of the Ancient Egyptian port beneath the waves.

Antiquities and treasures litter the sea floor, but beware of danger. That merman statue in the Amazon didn't exactly prepare him for what he will find in Thonis! Two nasty sea creatures are waiting to spring their traps on Roger. Pull the pin on the arch to send sandstone blocks plummeting down, or spin the Cleopatra statue to reveal a pair of Spring Shooters covering the door to the temple.

If he manages to maneuver past all of these dangers, over the fallen statue of Pharaoh Nectanebo, and into the temple, he will face one final challenge. Before his air supply runs out, help Roger decide to choose between door #1, the Pharaoh's sarcophagus, or door #2, the Stelae of Ptolemy VIII. Behind one is a mysterious Arabian lamp, behind the other is a nasty pinch on the fingers!

This is my third Roger the Rove adventure, and the set contains about 400 pieces. Like Atlantis, Thonis was thought to be only a myth until a French archaeologist found it in 2000 under the Mediterranean Sea. It was a port of trade for ancient Greeks and Egyptians, and housed a temple dedicated to Heracles (Hercules). The fallen statue and stelae are some of the items they have actually recovered from the site. 

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