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Sports Racing Car


This is the third of my racing car designs that I have decided to submit as a Lego Ideas project.  This shares the F1 car's suspension, albeit significantly modified at the front to take the lower bodywork, but this time comes with a V8 engine.  Again, as with my previous projects, this model is designed as a sports racing type concept rather than any particular real life design.  Also, as with my other models, it includes several removable body panels.

As I have done in all my model cars so far I have tried to design the cars incorporating full bodywork.  Unfortunately, due to the unavailability of certain component parts in Lego (i.e. a large enough windscreen), compromise had to be quite a large part of the project and thus I was unable, as I had wished to do, to design this as a closed in 'Le Mans' type car.  I am, however, very pleased with the result but haven't given up working on a full bodied 'Le Mans' type car which may, if successful. become a future project.

The removable bodywork in this design is:

  1. The nose section (revealing the front suspension).
  2. The 2 side pod radiator covers.
  3. The engine cover, air box and fuel tank cover (revealing the engine, gearbox and rear suspension).
  4. 2 panels on the lower rear bodywork (allowing further access to the rear suspension and gearbox.

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