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Winter Scenes: Vignette Series I


Hi, I am kashaka who has reached 10K supports with Lego Store Modular Version last year.


Before introducing my new project, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all people who showed an interest in and supported my previous project. I was really happy for over a year by that.


When I was waiting for the final approval decision on my previous project, I started a new project called ‘Vignette Series’. One day, I was looking at the trees through the window on my place and suddenly decided to build great sceneries of nature I would love to see from my window. I was sure that those sceneries with Lego bricks would bring me a great joy of having them on my desk. This is the first batch of the outcome.


The first vignette with dark blue brick walls is called ‘Snowy Winter Night’ with a small cabin covered by heavy snow. I chose dark blue bricks for the sky since I thought it would be the best to depict an elegant snowy night. 1x1 white round plates on the walls are used for representing snows coming down from the sky.


In front of the cabin, I laid out some lamps of which bottoms covered by snow. To make the scenery more realistic, I added a light brick from official Lego Winter Series in the cabin. When it is on, the warm and yellow light matches perfectly with the dark blue sky.


The second vignette with dark gray brick walls is called ‘A Winter night with a Crescent Moon’. I wanted to depict a scenery with a small cabin when it is about to snow again after a few days from the last time. 1x1 trans-clear round plates on the walls are used for the frozen air.


The core part of this vignette is a crescent moon which makes the scenery more graceful. To make a crescent moon, I overlapped two 2x2 round tile bricks, which resulted in a perfect shape I wanted. There is also an interesting part of the cabin in this vignette as the first one. It is a pile of firewood right next to it.


These vignettes have two bilateral symmetric parts which can be detached. Each part can be displayed separately or with a misalignment, which may give a different taste.


I hope you enjoy and support this project. Your comments are always welcome as well.

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